St John's Lodge

A walk down the lane to the left of the Folk Museum brings you first to St John's Lodge overlooking the Auld Brig.

Its restoration was the first major project of the Central and North Fife Preservation Society. The lodge forms part of the Ceres conservation area, which stretches from here to the Meldrums Hotel, taking in the main part of the village and several other buildings of special historic interest.

The building was formerly the home of the Masonic Lodge of Ceres St John's, originally chartered by the Grand Lodge of Scotland on 29th May 1761 and given the number 107. Following enumerations in 1816 and  1822 was allocated the numbers 83 and 79 respectively and in 1826 the Lodge was renumbered 84, the number it retained until the Lodge was declared dormant in 1852. In the 1840's the associated friendly society numbered approximately 80 members. The lodge had fallen into a sad state of disrepair and by the 1960's was in use partly as a hen house but otherwise uninhabitable. In 1964 restoration work was carried out under the 'Little Houses Scheme', during which a stone bearing the date 1724 was apparently found. Despite this find, the building is thought to be of later origin, probably about 1765.

Funds for the restoration work were provided by the National Trust for Scotland and the Historic Buildings Council and after a short period on public display, the property was sold as a private dwelling.

(Lodge information supplied by James Forrester McGregor whose ancestors lived in Ceres during these times)